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Carols-Office-Chair-ImagineMake a life that is both rich and satisfying. Develop curiosity and a challenge mindset. When tackling an obstacle be curious and open hearted toward yourself and others. This desire to gain information and skills can lead to new insight and achievement. When we are open to unexpected possibilities, whether tackling a challenge or pursuing the fulfillment of a wish, amazing things can happen. So go ahead. Be curious!

Say what you want, what you wish for, and name your obstacle.


Get together a group of friends you can count on to be helpful, friends who believe in you and see you as a strong capable person. No naysayers or “yes but”, people. Creative loving friends will have ideas you never thought possible. People want to help. Say what you want, what you wish for, and name your obstacle. Ask for ideas. Be open.

Whether you go it alone or get a friend or group to help you it’s time to chase that dream, tackle that obstacle. You can do it!


Name your wish. Name the obstacle. Prepare to be amazed.




Expressions of a Challenge Mindset
The author Jane McGonogal defines a Challenge Mindset as thinking like this:

  • “I’m eager to tackle this obstacle and learn all I can.
  • I can become a stronger person because of this obstacle.
  • There is someone I can turn to for help if I need it.
  • I get fired up when I think about tackling this obstacle.
  • The obstacle gives me a chance to find out what I am really made of.
  • I get excited when I think about the possible outcomes of tackling this obstacle.
  • I don’t mind struggling with this obstacle, or sometimes failing because the outcome is important to me.
  • I can acquire or already have the abilities to successfully tackle this obstacle.
  • I can learn something by tackling this obstacle.
  • This obstacle might not be an obstacle at all.”

I find these thoughts very helpful when I face an obstacle, take on a challenge. Life is full of them. If faced with curiosity instead of fear and lack of confidence living is a lot easier, interesting and yes, even fun.
The results of the facing a challenge may present opportunities you hadn’t imagined.

The rewards of tackling difficulties with curiosity and a challenge mindset are increased skill levels, improved self-esteem, and even at times amazement and pleasure. Especially if done with the help and creativity of others. Be curious and stay open to possibilities along the way. Think skip, not trudge. You’ve got this!

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